Hi! My name is Anatoliy. I live in a small town called Vynohradiv. It is situated in the Transcarpathia region in the picturesque area of a mountain called Chorna Hora and river Tysa.



     Actually here is located Central Asiatic shepherd’s kennel called «DOBRA FAJTA».  The idea to become involved in breeding of pedigree dogs appeared in 2013. In that period of time I was working at a factory which produced feed for cats and dogs. I was responsible for distribution of factory’s production. Surely, I had an opportunity to communicate not only with my colleagues, but also with specialists in the sphere of veterinary science, the owners of different kennels, experts in the sphere of dog shows and just with those who like these amazing animals. Accordingly, I became interested in breeding of pedigree dogs. Fortunately, I wasn’t in search of a particular breed.  Otherwise, I would never chose this one. In that time I associated the Central Asiatic shepherd with a natural disaster which can’t be repressed or controlled. It was completely wrong assotiation… 

   In winter 2014, I was in Uzhgorod and met the owner of Central Asiatic shepherd’s kennel. I was suggested to buy the puppies of this breed as a kind of guarding for above-mentioned factory. Actually it was the first time when I saw Arkan on the phone’s screen. 

   In spite of my fears and stereotypes, the decision was made immediately. The bargain was concluded and I became the owner of the sheperd. It was amazing feeling which can’t be described. 

   Later, I was absolutely invoved in his life: long walks, trainings, dog shows.  

Now this astonishing dog, the champion of Ukraine lives here, in Vynohradiv. 


   Truly speaking, I had the dogs of different breeds, but Central Asiatic shepherd is a kind of discovery for me. I will be understood only by those people, who ever were the owners of such a breed. The connection between the shepherd and the owner is wordless.  The shepherd is able to understand you as good as it is possible. The representatives of this ancient breed are really cognitive creatures. There are many written sources which describe their courage,faithfulness and guarding features. 

I can only add that these dogs with sad and wise look are undoubtedly mysterious and even somehow mystic animals.



Truly yours, Analoliy.   



P.S.If you want to buy “love”-buy a puppy with a help of «DOBRA FAJTA» ;)